About Us...


Deli Cleaners is the only deli in town where meatballs on the rye does not mean lunch. Instead it means extra care and attention to ensure saucy accidents do not ruin clothing, garments, wedding dresses , area rugs, cushion and more.

Since 1971, Ken Haldane’s business, Deli Cleaners and Alterations, has been serving Long Beach and Signal Hill residents who know the importance of giving proper care to various materials, including suede and leather.

Haldane’s mother, Deli Haldane, had experienced many hardships before opening Deli cleaners. A German Jewish Refugee, Deli fled to China for nine years after her family was killed in Germany during World War II. She eventually made it to Long Beach, where she settled, started a family and became an entrepreneur in her 50’s.

Deli’s ingenuity and hard work paid off. The business stands in the same location today as it did when it opened. Now Haldane is serving the community in his effort to carry on his mother’s legacy.